Best Vitamins for Skin: Beauty Secrets

To have beautiful skin, you must be healthy on the inside to look beautiful on the outside. What you eat and the supplements you take will have an effect on how your skin looks. With the right nutrients and vitamins, you can have lovely and glowing skin. You can have healthy appearance by knowing which vitamins can help you and how they can do this.

The Best Vitamins for Skin

Yes, vitamins are helpful and they can improve your health but you must use them with care both internally and externally. If you use them topically in over-the-counter products, try it on a small area first to check for your skin reaction to avoid possible allergic reaction.

What are the Best Vitamins for Skin?

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important nutrient because it can rejuvenate your skin cells and improve the skin tissue. When you don’t have enough Vitamin A, your skin will be dry and flaky.  By consuming foods that are high in vitamin A such as carrots, green vegetables and sweet potatoes you can get more vitamin A to be healthier. This is also one of the best vitamins for wrinkles and to fight anti-aging. Acne can also be fought off with this.

Vitamin A - Best Vitamins for Skin

This nutrient has the ability to make your dermis stronger so you have good levels of collagen and elastin for youthful looking skin. Blood flow to the skin is increased and it also provides protection from the sun’s UV rays. In addition, it can also reduce discoloration of the skin such as from acne or age spots.

Vitamin B

One more vitamin that is one of the best vitamins for skin is Vitamin B because it helps treating and preventing dermatitis outbreaks and it can prevent hair loss as well. It helps to hydrate the skin and keep it this way which will result in healthy and soft skin. If it is used topically, it can reduce inflammation and also remove discolorations. Since hydration is increased, dry and flaky skin is eliminated.

Vitamin B - Best Vitamins for Skin

Vitamin B can also detoxify the skin to remove toxins that make your skin look dull and cause problems such as acne.  Clean skin without any free-radicals will improve your skin’s appearance.

Vitamin E – The Best Vitamins for Skin

If you have rough skin and scars on it, you can remove these problems with this vitamin.  You should take supplements or include in your ration such foods as olives, nuts and green leafy vegetables in your diet.  This nutrient can also decrease wrinkles and help to make your skin texture better.

Vitamin E - Best Vitamins for Skin

Free-radicals are removed to reverse the aging process and remove wrinkles caused by toxins. It can be purchased as an oil or in lotions to be applied topically for healthy skin.

Zinc – Best Vitamins for Skin

If you suffer from acne on your skin, zinc can help eliminate this.  It can be used orally as a supplement or it can be applied topically.  Zinc can control the production of oil which is one of the main causes of skin problems. Your daily intake should be from 8 mg to 11 mg.  It can kill bacteria and also it is able to reduce swelling associated with the skin problems. Be careful not to overuse it since a little bit goes a long way. Too much of this nutrient can make a person ill.

Zinc - Best Vitamins for Skin

Niacin – Best Vitamin for Skin

Niacin is one of the best vitamins for wrinkles and for other anti-aging benefits. The use of niacin topically will help keep your skin stay moisturized by locking in hydration. The hydration feature will get rid of dryness and stop flakiness. Your skin will look healthier and bacteria that can cause infections will be fought off. It is also an exfoliate that can remove dead skin to help grow new skin cells. This nutrient falls into the B family of vitamins that qualify as the best vitamins for beautiful skin.

Best Vitamins for Skin - Niacin


This nutrient can be consumed through the foods we eat or it can be purchased in a supplement form. Though this nutrient is healthy, it must be consumed in moderation since too much can be harmful. There are many benefits of this vitamin such as antioxidant abilities to clean the skin of toxins and leave it look healthy. You will be protected from free-radicals that are known to damage skin.

Carotene - Best Vitamins for Skin

If you include this nutrient in your diet, you can get it from foods such as broccoli, kale, carrots, peas, asparagus, grapefruit, spinach, onions and more. Leafy green vegetables are excellent sources.

Vitamin C – Best Vitamins for Skin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects from free-radicals.  It is popularly used for anti-aging since it is one of the best vitamins for fighting wrinkles and for other skin benefits.  This vitamin can repair damage caused by the sun’s rays and also the environment. Other benefits include eliminating spots from aging and other issues such as acne. With this nutrient, you can replenish collagen that is lost with age and also add in elasticity for healthy and firm skin.

Vitamin C - Best Vitamins for Skin

Vitamin K

This is used as an aid to remove discolorations and even the skin tone.  It is also commonly used and found in wrinkle riddance products because it helps in reversing the appearance of them. You can get vitamin K through eating leafy green vegetables or you can purchase it as a topical aid.

Vitamin K - Best Vitamins for Skin

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