12 of The Best Home Remedies for Skincare

The skin covers the entire body and determines what your outside appearance looks like. This makes the issue of skin care quite paramount. A healthy skin means that the body is functioning properly with things like excretion and regulation of temperature taken care of. It also means that you are beautiful from an external point of view. There are several remedies out there to maintain a healthy good looking skin, but the problem with commercial remedies is the after effects that accompany them. This is why you should always hope for hustle free home remedies for skin care that not only take care of your skin but maintain your body’s health as well. Here are a dozen good remedies you should consider trying.

 Home Remedy Ideas For Skin

Baking Soda for Skin

There are several reasons that make baking soda for skin care a wonderful remedy since it helps the skin in several ways. The first is by exfoliation. Once the baking soda is applied to the skin, it dries up on the surface after a short while and collects all the loose debris on the skin with it as well. This takes away any particles that may be blocking the skin pores and preventing them from functioning properly. It also helps to eliminate any excess oil within the skin meaning that you don’t have to worry about subtle forms of acne like whiteheads. The exfoliation also serves to disinfect the skin by removing any bacteria that may have collected on it with time. Such elements tend to prove harmful as they replicate on the skin blocking the pores and causing the development of acne. The skin is left in a much smoother state than it was in after every single remedy.

Baking Soda for Brilliant Skin

This is an easy remedy to use. Simply mix some water and baking soda to make a smooth paste, apply the paste to the skin for fifteen minutes then rinse the skin off with some cold water. The baking soda remedy is good when used two to three times a week.

Lemon for Skin Care

The use of lemon for skin care isn’t really an invention of modern days. Lemons have been used to take care of skin for quite a long time. This is because they have a lot of vitamins and beneficial acids that keep the skin smooth and glossy. Lemons also help cure skin conditions like acne, stretch marks, and scars by making it lighter. The skin benefits through two ways. The first is when the lemon exfoliates the skin, ridding it of any excess oil bacteria and debris that may cause a blockage. This smoothens the skin and helps to eliminate unfavorable elements within like blackheads it helps to disinfect the skin, killing ay harmful bacteria within that may result in adverse skin conditions.

Home Remedies for skin care - Lemon and Lemon Juice

There are two easy ways that one can take advantage of this remedy. The first is by slicing up lemons into wedges then applying them directly on the skin. The skin can then be rinsed off with some warm water twenty minutes later. The other is to extract the fresh juice from the lemons and apply it on the areas of the skin affected by any condition. The skin should be rinsed off with warm water as well fifteen minutes later. Both of these are daily remedies that guarantee success.

Cucumber Skin Benefits

Cucumbers are a natural way of hydrating the skin and eliminating any form of inflammation. The cucumber is a good source of vitamins for the skin, especially C, and K. These provide the skin with the stimulation that it needs to rejuvenate itself and repair any damage it may have incurred. It also helps to soothe the skin, reducing the irritation felt at a particular time. This makes it quite effective for sunburns and razor bumps.

Cucumber Skin Benefits - best home remedies for skin care

There are two good remedies for cucumbers that can help with skincare. The first is to slice up a cucumber along its cross-section then lay the wedges on the skin where the irritation is. You can also gently rub the wedges on the skin for about five minutes as this will help with the soothing. The other is to blend the cucumbers into a thick paste, then dilute them with some cool lemon juice. Stir the solution to a good consistency then apply it on the skin. You can also use this as a face mask. Rinse the skin after ten minutes with cold water then pat it dry. For an increased effectiveness of the cucumber remedies, it is best to leave them chilling in the refrigerator for around an hour before.

Honey for Skin

Honey finds a lot of uses when it comes to skin care, from battling acne to making the skin smoother. This is because honey, in its natural state has a collection of vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. It also contains natural amino acids and minerals that help to provide the skin with nourishment and hydration. It is an antioxidant that prevents free radicals from damaging the skin, while at the same time keeping the skin healthy and smooth with its anti-bacterial capabilities. Honey also helps to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, kill germs and treat acne scars present.

Honey for Skin - Manuka Honey for Skin Care

There are two good ways to use honey for skin care. The first is to apply natural honey directly on the skin and face. As a face mask, the honey should be used to massage the skin so as to free up the pores. Leave the natural honey on the skin for half an hour then rinse the face with some warm water. Pat it dry and repeat the procedure once daily. Another good remedy is to blend some apples and mix the resultant paste with some natural honey. Apply the mixture to the skin then allow it to dry. After around half an hour, rinse the skin with some warm water. This is a weekly procedure. Before using any of the remedies, wash the face with some warm water to allow the pores and toxins to be exposed. This makes the treatment more effective.

Egg Whites Face Mask

Egg whites are mostly used in a facial mask, for the simple fact that they have great skin tightening properties. They are also a natural astringent that helps to tighten the skin, shrinking the pores and bringing lose skin closer together. They also find some use in reducing the oily nature of the skin, especially in skin tones that secrete too much oil, usually resulting in acne. The whites, one applied on the skin, dry up rapidly and collect any excess moisture on the skin along with them. This includes the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. The egg whites are very effective n managing bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and acne.

Egg whites Face Mask - Home remedies for Skincare

To use this remedy, separate some whites from the eggs the whip them into a uniform consistency. Add some lemon juice then mix thoroughly. Apply this on the skin for around fifteen minutes then rinse it off with some warm water. Pat the skin dry then apply a non-oil moisturizer to prevent it from cracking. Another alternative is to whip the egg whites into a smooth consistency while adding a few drops of witch hazel. Soak some cotton balls in the solution then use them to apply it on the skin. Rinse it off after fifteen minutes then pat the skin dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar is a common ingredient in most kitchens. Other than being a food additive, it can also be used for various skin care regiments like reducing acne, balancing the skin pH and smoothening the skin. It is a natural antiseptic an antibacterial agent that helps to rid the skin of foreign particles like dead skin cells and germs. When ingested, it helps to purify the blood and rid the body of the toxins that collect within the stream.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin

There are several alternatives to using ACV for skincare. The first is to mix equal amounts of the vinegar with water. The solution can then be used to wash the face and the body in general. It can also be ingested as a drink or added to food. Another alternative remedy that is also effective is the baking soda and vinegar home remedy. Put three tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl. Add a small amount of ACV while you stir till you form a thick paste. Massage this paste onto the skin and allow it to stay for about fifteen minutes. Rinse the skin with some cool water then pat it dry. This is a weekly remedy.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Coconut oil is not only beneficial to the skin but the entire body as well. It is known to boost the functionality of the liver, enabling it to rid the body of toxins faster. It energizes the cells on the skin enabling them to rid the body of toxins, lessening the load on the liver. It is also known to situate bowel movement is the presence of fiber, enabling the body to release all waste that tends to collect in the colon and get re-absorbed into the blood stream.

is coconut oil good for your skin

Some good coconut oil for skin care home remedies are, the direct application of coconut oil on the skin to help rid it of acne or acne scars, the topical application of coconut oil combined with some herbal oils like jojoba, the combination of coconut oil in beauty products to keep the skin smooth and hydrated and the use of coconut oil as a face mask. For this, you mix the coconut oil with some honey and aloe gel then leave it on the face for half an hour. It should then be rinsed off with some warm water.

Aloe Vera Gel for Skin

Aloe is something that most have used at one time or another. This is because other than honey, it is one of the most effective natural remedies for a number of ailments. It has quite the collection of vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids all of which are beneficial to the human body. The Aloe Vera kills bacteria on the skin, removes the collected excess oil and debris and also stimulates the flow of the blood to the skin, helping the skin to heal and reinvent itself. It eradicates the redness and inflammations that accompany most skin illnesses while at the same time proving as a really effective anti-fungal treatment. It helps to even the skin out, fight acne, remove acne scars and eradicate stretch marks.

aloe vera gel for skin - skin benefits

The most effective way to use aloe is to extract the gel directly from the leaf then apply it on the skin overnight. This can then be washed off the next day while showering. Another good method is to include a few teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in the aloe gel before applying it on the skin. this should be left on the skin for half the day then rinsed off with some warm water. It is also never a bad idea to use beauty products that contain aloe, especially aloe soap.


Garlic is a powerful antibacterial substance that kills almost all foreign particles that tend to collect on the skin. This makes it a good solution for scalp acne and other skin conditions that result from the collection of bacteria. It is also a mild antibiotic and as such fights off any infections that may have already manifested on the skin

Garlic for skin care

Garlic can be used in several ways. The first is to add the garlic to the diet as a spice. The other way is to make a paste by grinding some garlic cloves and apply the resultant solution on the skin. Leave it on the skin for about fifteen minutes then wash it off with some warm water.

Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt, without any additives, is really good for the skin. Since it has no foreign particles, it can be used to scrub the skin, ridding it of any debris. It also helps to rid the skin of germs and bacteria that lead to the formation of acne on the skin. Yogurt is a good way to reduce irritation and inflammation on the skin.

natural remedies for skin care - yogurt mask

The first way to use this remedy is to eat the plain yogurt. The second is to apply the yogurt on the skin for around fifteen minutes then rinse it off with some cool water. The third way is to mix the plain yogurt with some natural honey and oatmeal powder. The solution should be left on the skin for half an hour then rinsed off with some warm water.

Oatmeal Benefits for Skin

Oatmeal helps with skin exfoliation, soothing, and eradication of irritation and the removal of excess oil. The oatmeal also helps with minor conditions like redness and skin dryness. It is also a good way to balance the skin tone and remove any discolorations and dark spots. The best way to utilize this treatment is with an oatmeal bath. Fill some socks with oatmeal then soak them in a bathtub full of warm water. Wring them into the water, allowing the milky liquid to collect within once the tub is cloudy, soak in it for half an hour then take a warm water shower afterward. This will help to keep your skin healthy. It should be done twice weekly.

natural remedies for skin care - oatmeal

Tea Tree Oil

There are those individuals with sensitive skin that may not necessarily respond well to other forms of acne treatment. This is where Tea Tree Oil remedies for acne come in handy. It is an antibacterial oil that rids the skin of any bacteria, it penetrates to the inner layers of the skin and helps to unblock the pores and regulate the sebaceous glands. This makes it effective for ridding the skin of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

You can apply the oil directly on the skin to reduce cases of infection, inflammation, itchiness and redness. The skin needs to be dry and for the best effect, leave the oil on it for around for hours before rinsing it off. You can also mix the oil with some honey then apply it on the skin, especially the face, then rinse it off a few hours later.

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