How to Get Rid of Warts: Home Remedies

Unfortunately, these ugly growths can make their presence known anywhere on a person’s skin.  They are embarrassing and can cause irritation as well as depression.  Many aspects can cause warts and the cause needs to be known to use treatments for how to get rid of warts.

A Definition: What Are Warts?

Usually warts are commonly caused by bouts with viruses, mainly the human papillomavirus, aka HPV.  This has an effect on the topmost layer of a person’s skin and makes the skin quickly grow, developing a wart. The condition is contracted when you have contact with another person who suffers from it and it gets into your skin through a wound or other types of damage that can occur on a person’s skin. Also, it can be caused by using other people’s personal hygiene supplies such as a razor or makeup, even towels. When they appear, the shape and size varies from one person to another.

How to Get Rid of Warts - home remedies

Anyone can get warts but children as well as teenagers are more susceptible to getting them because their immune systems may be weak.  This is more so in young children since they are not fully developed yet such as babies.

Different Types of Warts

Knowing the type of wart you have will help you decide which home remedy for how to get rid of a wart to use.

Flat warts are found on a person’s legs, face or arms and are small and flat.  The color varies but they are typically pink, yellow or brown.

Common warts are seen on a person’s hand and feel rough in texture.  They are shaped like a dome and have a grayish brown color.

Filiform Warts usually appear on a person’s nose, chin, mouth or other area of the face.  The color is similar to the skin’s color but they are accompanied by threads that grow out of them.

Plantar warts are found on the bottom of a person’s feet.  Typically they are hard as well as thick accompanied by dark spots.  Walking is uncomfortable with this type of wart because of where they occur.

Peringual Warts occur beneath or very close to a person’s nails on the toes and/or feet. The use of the hands or feet can be uncomfortable and can affect walking and completing daily tasks that require use of the hands.

If you’re lucky, the wart will go away without any intervention but sometimes home remedies can get rid of them. For those that stick around, you can use any of the following remedies for how to get rid of warts.

How to Get Rid of Warts Fast

Strengthen your Immune System

Since one of the main causes of warts is a virus, you need to have a stronger immune system that can protect you for illnesses and fight them off so you stay healthy.  There are many people who have had them that claim they popped up around the times when they were tired, ill or worn out.  To prevent this situation, you need to get plenty of rest and also eat healthy. The foods you consume should be high in Vitamins and minerals such as Zinc and Vitamin C.  Another important way to strengthen your immune system is to exercise.

Strengthen your Immune System

Pineapple to Get Rid of Warts Fast

Putting pineapple on the wart will help eliminate it.  There are acids in pineapple as well as enzymes that can kill the warts.  For this remedy, you’ll need to pineapple on the wart a few times daily.  Fresh pineapple is best.  The canned type is not recommended.

Pineapple for warts

Don’t Spread Infection

Warts can be spread from one person to another through open wounds or by sharing things belong to someone who has warts from a virus.  By sharing the virus, you’re opening yourself up to getting a wart. Touch is a strong spreader of warts.  By touching the wart and then touching someone else or another part of your body, you can spread it around. This is more so if you don’t wash your hands before touching anything else and see more warts appearing.

How to Get Rid of a Wart with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good exfoliate for the skin since it removes dead skin cells.  The components of baking soda can destroy the skin tissue the wart has so that the wart disappears because it’s eaten away.  Combine an equal part of water and baking soda.  Approximately 1 teaspoon should be enough. Put this on the wart and then cover it with a bandage strip for smaller warts.  For larger ones, you can get gauze and medical tape to put on the wart and keep it covered with the solution. Another method is to combine the baking soda with castor oil to get rid of the wart fast. Leave it on overnight for best results.

How to Get Rid of a Wart with Baking Soda

Garlic for Wart Removal Home Remedy

Garlic has antiviral effects and can kill off various bacteria and viruses including HPV which is one of the causes of warts to begin with. It has Allicin in it that can effectively kill pathogens that make you ill. If you use it as an answer to how to get rid of warts fast, you can use oil or crush some fresh garlic.  The crushed fresh version is best because the juice is what will help more. Apply the garlic on the wart several times a day. Continue this for a week but longer for more stubborn warts. You’ll see that they dry out and start to shrink. Another method is to consume garlic in its natural form or you can try garlic capsules.

Garlic for Wart Removal

Tea Tree Oil for Removing Warts

Tea tree oil has the ability to kill bacteria and germs.  This remedy is ideal for many skin ailments.  The best way is to apply it to the wart and then cover it to let it sit for a while.  If this is uncomfortable for you during the day, you can do this at night and leave it on overnight.  You can also dilute it with other essential oils for added benefits.

Tea Tree Oil for Removing Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar for Wart Removal

Though there are remedies that can get rid of HPV, apple cider vinegar is not one of them.  It can however, promote the peeling away of the wart.  The good thing is that some of the virus may peel away with it.  Before you use this, you must clean the area first.  You need to mix one cup of ACV and combine it with water.  Apply it onto the warm with a cotton ball.  Leave the solution on the warm for twenty minutes.  Another option is to soak in warm water in a bathtub that has this mixture in it.  This should be done every day until you start seeing a difference.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Wart Removal

Aloe Vera Wart Removal

Aloe vera can kill the virus that cause warts and stop it from spreading and growing.  There are two ways it can be used, one is drinking juice and the second is topical.  Since it fights fungus, it can be used to treat almost any type of wart growth on the skin and body. It also reduces swelling.  The best way to use it is directly from the plant.  The leaf of the aloe contains the gel that can be applied onto the wart to eat away at the warts surface.  You can also use a store purchased gel or you can drink it as a juice or in tea. This will help fight internal infections too.

Aloe Vera Wart Removal

Aspirin for Warts

Getting rid of warts is easy with aspirin. It is an NSAID which can reduce inflammation.  Mix some water and aspirin to convert it into a paste.  Because the pill is hard, you may need to let it sit first to soften and then make it a paste.  Once ready, apply this to the wart and leave it on.  Repeat this as needed daily.  Leave the paste on, even overnight is fine, but covered so it stays on.

Aspirin for Warts

Banana Peel

Another easy way of how to get rid of warts fast is banana peel.  Put a small piece of banana peel big enough to cover the entire wart on the wart itself.  To keep it in place, use a bandage.  Leave this on overnight.  If you’re afraid the bandage will fall off, you can put a sock over it too.  Repeat this for a few days.  It will dry out the wart and you’ll be able to get it off easily.

Banana Peel for warts removal

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can kill off HPV that causes warts.  If you use Vitamin C with lemon juice, you can get an extra boost to eliminate the wart.  The acidity will eat away the wart’s surface.  Mix lemon juice and a vitamin C supplement to make a paste.  Just water is okay too. Put this on the wart and then seal it with a bandage to leave it on.  Do this until the wart is gone.

Of course, there are other ways of how to get rid of a wart fast.  Save money and remove it yourself at home.

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