Easy Tips for Dealing with Scalp Acne

The skin is the largest organ on the human body, stretching from the scalp all the way to the toes. It has pores that help it to secrete excess oils, some waste products, and sweat. Blockage of these pores, on any part of the skin, results in acne. Scalp acne is thus not an uncommon condition. These scalp pimples affect the head both in the presence and absence of hair.

How to Get Rid of Scalp Acne

Generally, the head is covered by hair most of the time. This means the noticing of scalp acne quite difficult, especially in the case of women, or men that keep the proverbial afro. Acne on scalp can, however, present itself through symptoms like itching, scalp inflammation, slight headaches, and uncomfortable head, especially during the combing, wash and disinfect of the hair.

Causes of pimples on scalp

So, what exactly causes scalp acne? This is a rather important question that one needs to ask themselves in case they seek to get to the best solution of the problem. There are several recorded cases, with most varying from individual to individual.

Scalp Acne Causes

  • The most common cause is usually poor hygiene with respect to the scalp or the head in general. This usually leaves room for the collection of germs and dirt on the scalp, blocking the pores and resulting in the development of scalp acne
  • In the case of infants, they are affected through the breast milk of the mother, which is affected by the mother’s diet. It is, therefore, advisable that lactating mothers keep to a strict healthy and balanced diet for the sake of their children.
  • Another cause of scalp acne is usually an allergic reaction either to hair products or attires of clothing that are worn on the head
  • Hormonal imbalances in the body, especially in adolescents and pregnant women
  • Poor immune system or the failing of other internal organs like the liver and kidneys
  • Though not a major cause, undue stress and fatigue can also result in the appearance of acne on scalp

Your best defense against any of the scalp acne causes is simply proper hair hygiene. However, if you are late to this party and already have a collection of acne on scalp, then here is a collection of good and natural home remedies for acne that can help you rid your head of the inconvenience of scalp acne.

 Home remedies for scalp acne

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an element that is used a lot with concerns to skin conditions. It is best suited as a scalp acne treatment due to its antibacterial capabilities. The vinegar is also a natural antiseptic. These two capabilities allow it to rid the scalp and hair follicles of the excess oil and bacteria that collect within causing the development of scalp acne. The other useful aspect of vinegar is its ability to even out the pH balance of the scalp preventing the development of further bacteria within.

Apple Cider Vinegar - How To Get Rid of Head Pimples


  • Mix water and apple cider vinegar at a 50-50 ration
  • Rinse your hair with the solution and let it stay
  • Rinse the hair again with Luke warm water after about ten minutes then allow it to dry
  • This is a scalp acne treatment that should be done every time you wash your hair with shampoo

It is never a bad idea to include a tablespoon or two of the vinegar in your drinking water as this helps to cleanse your blood

Aloe Vera

One of the most trusted home remedies for scalp acne by far. This because aloe has a good track record in its natural form as a good way to battle most body illnesses. In the case of acne on scalp, this is one remedy you definitely want to try out. It has a lot of benefits some of them being its ability to fight the inflammation of scalp acne, killing the bacteria before they replicate further, helping the damaged skin to heal and preventing further infection to the scalp.

Aloe Vera for scalp Acne Treatment - home remedies for slin care


  • Slice open an aloe leaf and extract the gel. This should then be applied to the areas of the head with scalp acne two times each day till the acne is healed
  • You can also mix the extracted gel with lemon juice in a one to one ratio then apply the solution on the areas of the scalp hit by head acne. This should be washed off with some warm water

 Tea Tree Oil

As a scalp acne treatment, tea tree oil is very powerful. The oil has the capability to act as an antiseptic to the scalp acne, helping the in the process of performing disinfections on the scalp acne. This helps to free the pores of the bacteria helping to reduce the acne on scalp. It also helps to reduce the redness and the inflammation that accompanies the scalp acne.

How to Treat Scalp Acne

If it is your first time using this treatment, it is good to try it out on a small patch of the scalp first, just to ensure that this scalp acne treatment does not produce an adverse allergic reaction.


  • The easiest way to take advantage of this treatment is to add 3 drops of tea tree oil in every ounce of your shampoo. This should then be used to wash your hair regularly
  • You can also use cotton balls to apply tea tree oil directly on the scalp acne then wash the head off a few hours later
  • For that extra kick, add a few drops of the tea tree oil to some coconut or olive oil the apply this directly on the scalp acne. Wash it off two hours later and repeat daily till the acne is gone.

 Honey for Pimples on Scalp

Honey is really sweet; it is also a really useful product when put among the home remedies for scalp acne. It has antibacterial properties enabling it to clear away the bacteria and excess oil that cause acne on scalp. Honey is a good antioxidant helping it to reduce the effect of free radicals on the scalp, and to stop the replication of the scalp acne causing bacteria. It soothes the skin and reduces the overall inflammation and redness. It is also really beneficial for red bumps on scalp.


  • Apply some natural honey on the parts of the head that have scalp acne. Leave this on the scalp for about ten minutes then rinse it off with some warm water. This should be done twice each day till the acne is gone.
  • You can also opt to mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with 2 of honey. This solution should be applied on areas that have scalp acne and allowed to stay on the skin for twenty minutes before being rinsed off with warm water. This is a remedy for acne on scalp that should be done once each day till the condition is eradicated.

 Turmeric Remedy for Zits on Scalp

This is one natural means of how to get rid of scalp acne that works wonders for the scalp while helping it to rid itself of scalp pimples. It is a good antioxidant and also acts as an antibacterial agent once applied on the scalp. It is beneficial to the scalp since it also provided relief from the inflammation that generally accompanies scalp acne.

Pimples on Scalp Hair Loss - Home Remedy with Turmeric


Mix half a teaspoon each of the turmeric powder and coconut oil. Apply the resultant thick paste on the areas of the head affected by scalp acne. Leave it there for about an hour then wash it off with some shampoo and warm water. This should be done daily till the acne is gone.

Tomato Juice for Pimples in Hair

Balancing of the skin pH is one of the means that you can use to eradicate the bacteria causing acne on scalp. This it best achieved through the use of tomato juice. As a scalp acne treatment, it helps to stop the replication of germs while at the same time helping the acne to dry up. The tomato juice is also good since it reduces the secretion of sebum by the scalp freeing up the pores.

Tomato Juice for Scalp Acne


  • You can apply some fresh tomato juice directly on the scalp then rinse it off after ten minutes. This is a daily treatment.
  • You can also mix some tomato juice with small amounts of honey and lemon juice. This solution can be applied on the scalp using some cotton wool then rinsed off with warm water after around ten minutes. This should also be done daily.

 Indian Lilac

This is one of the least known home remedies for scalp acne. It is also known by a more common name, Neem. This is an antiseptic element that benefits the scalp in a lot of ways. It is also useful as an antibiotic and aids the skin to dry up the scalp acne.

Home Remedy for Skalp Acne - Neem aka Indian Lilac


Boil some neem leaves with two cups of water. Do this for around ten minutes then remove the leaves and keep the water aside. Mash the leaves into a paste and apply it on the areas with acne on scalp. leave this paste on the scalp for half an hour then rinse the head with the water set aside earlier. The final step is to rinse the head with clean water.

Massage the head with a mixture of neem and coconut oils and let the head stay with the solution overnight. Wash it off the nest day with a shampoo. This should be done twice weekly till the ace is gone.

 Garlic for Scalp Pimples

Probably the most common kitchen ingredients that have found its way on the list of how to get rid of scalp acne.  It is a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial making it a good remedy for scalp acne. It kills the bacteria that causes acne while at the same time helping to dry away the acne on scalp.

Home Remedies for Acne - Garlic for Scalp Pimples


  • Peel off some garlic cloves then boils then in around 3 cups of water for a period of five minutes. Leave the water and allow it to cool down a little then use it to rinse your hair. After ten minutes, rinse the hair again with some clean warm water. Do this once each day till the scalp acne is gone.
  • You can also crush up some garlic cloves then apply the paste on the areas of the scalp with acne. Rinse the hair with warm water after about an hour or let them stay on the head overnight. This can be done daily till the acne is gone.

 Actions That Can Be Taken to Avoid Pimples on Scalp

At the end of the day, prevention is better than cure. Since scalp acne can be pretty uncomfortable, it is best to try and avoid the condition entirely. Here are some preventive measures that you can observe in you quest to stay as far away from scalp pimples as possible.

Set the Scalp Free

The one mistake that most people make is to confine their scalp within clothing and head gear for long periods of time. This leads to the collection of heat within the scalp, leading to the production of a lot of sweat and oil. Without the proper aeration, all these simply collect on it and end up blocking the pores, resulting in scalp pimples.

Set the Scalp Free - Home Remedies for Skalp Acne

Proper Washing

Hair should be washed on a regular schedule, at least three times a week. This should be done with the use pf proper hair products like shampoo so as to ensure that the dirt, germs, and excess oil are taken care of. During this exercise, the scalp should be slightly massaged so as to ensure the dirt is brought up, enabling it to be washed away during rinsing. For the best results and added protection, it is good to add some vinegar to the water, at least two tablespoons per liter. This gives the scalp the added protection and cleansing that it needs.

How to Rid of Scalp Acne - Wash Your Hairs

Selection of Hair Products

There are two main things that should be put into consideration. The first is to completely stay away from products that are greasy or contain a lot of oil. Such products only end op blocking the pores on the scalp and causing scalp acne. The second is to go for products that have Sulphur as a moan component these will keep the scalp dry and ever fresh preventing the occurrence of scalp pimples as a result of bacteria or germs.

How to Get Rid of Scalp acne - Avoid Pimples on Scalp

Hair Accessories

Proper hygiene does not simply cover the hair and the scalp, but also the accessories that interact with it. This means that every once in a while you should take the initiative to wash your hair brushes, combs, pins, clips, and curlers. This will help to remove the dead skin cells and oil that as collected on them over time due to use.

Scalp Acne Remedies


It is advisable to comb your hair on a daily basis as this helps to remove the dead skin cells and dirt that collect within, at the base of the scalp. Combing also aligns the hair follicles ensuring that they don’t lie over the pores, causing blockages and scalp acne.

Short Hair

Having long hair put one at a greater risk of developing both zits on scalp and head acne. It is thus good to keep short hair if you are more prone to the condition. Shorter hair is also easier to maintain and keep neat.

Avoid Pimples on Scalp - have a Short Hair

 Other Practices:

  1. Keep a proper diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, fiber and fermented dairy. It should also have ample amounts of water and fresh juice
  2. Keeping your head away from direct sunlight when out and about
  3. Minimizing your intake of sodium and processed sugar
  4. Boosting your immune system
  5. Having an allergy test before taking up the regular use of a new hair product

Under normal circumstances, scalp acne clears away in a week or two, either by itself or with the proper treatment. It is however recommended that you visit the dermatologist in case it persists. The acne on scalp is usually more irritable than that which develops on the rest of the body making the observation of hygiene that much more important. Seeing a professional for that severe case will ensure that you get any of the medically recommended creams and ointments that will help with the recovery process.

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