Baking Soda for Acne

Acne is an ever present blemish on the human skin, especially on the face. It was what necessitated the invention of several acne removal methods. One such method is the use of an acne face mask. In this method, baking soda for acne removal is used through the simple application of baking soda on the face. The aim is to remove the acne and its causative agents, in an effort to make the face smooth and spotless.

Baking soda for acne

Acne, though not a dangerous condition can be pretty irritating. It sometimes causes physical discomfort by making the face swollen, increasing its sensitivity to the environment. This skin condition is caused by the accumulation of oil, dead skin or bacteria on the skin surface. This subsequently results in the blockage of skin pores and eventual swelling. There are a lot of unsuccessful and sometimes painful ways suggested and documented by professionals. Though most are not the actual cures for this condition, many people end up giving up after a couple of failed, painful attempts. They opt to rather find a way to live with the acne than continue on treatment paths that are quite taxing. There is however still hope. This article provides an alternative to acne removal. This remedy involves a baking soda face mask, guaranteed to give you that glowing smooth skin you have always desired.

Baking Soda for Acne Removal Methodologies


Before applying a baking soda face mask, it is usually good to expose the acne on the skin so that the treatment can produce the best of results. The best way to do this is usually to expose the skin to some steam for a short period of time. Two to five minutes depending on the level of acne. You can also take the alternate route and cover your face with a steaming towel for the same duration. In the latter option, changing towels is advisable as using a cool towel does not produce the desired effect. Exposing the skin to the low level of heat is quite beneficial. It leads to expansion of the pores which results in the toxin causing the acne to move closer to the surface.

Does baking soda work for acne

Making of the baking soda face mask

The preparation of the baking soda face mask is rather simple and easy. It also does not take up a lot of time. In a clean bowl, put between eight to ten tablespoons of baking powder depending on the size of your face. Add six to eight table spoons of water while you stir till a thick, smooth gelatinous paste is formed. Then add one or two table spoons of fresh lemon juice. Stir till paste is perfectly blended. The baking soda face mask solution isn’t always limited to water. Other fluids like honey, fresh orange juice, tea tree oil extracts and a hydrogen peroxide solution can be applied.

Baking soda mask for acne

Application of the baking soda face mask

There really isn’t any scientific way to do this. Though, a mirror is always recommended so as not to apply the baking soda on face poorly or miss any area of the face with the acne. Once the paste is smooth and thick, apply it on your face slowly. Use your hands, making sure to massage the skin as you do so. This ensures that the baking soda on face is absorbed into the skin to work its magic. Ensure a consistent layer has covered the entire face and parts of the neck if necessary. Then can sit back and let the treatment happen. This should be for a period of about ten to fifteen minutes.

Safety comes before everything in whatever you do. There are people with sensitive skin or underlying skin conditions. This is why it is advisable to test the baking soda on face treatment. Apply the baking soda on a small section of your skin to determine whether or not you are sensitive. This is usually best done on the back of the palm or the skin on the wrist. In some cases, people may prefer to sleep with the masks. They should always keep the layer of their baking soda face mask thin to prevent their skin from shriveling and crumpling up.

Removal of the baking soda face mask

After the set minutes are up, the next important step is removal. Proper removal is necessary as it ensures that the treatment does not do more harm than good. It is also very important to know that the instant the face mask starts to feel uncomfortable, removal should begin immediately. This is because different skin types have different levels of sensitivity. The baking soda may prove caustic to other skin types. This is the one scenario where the expression that beauty hurts does not apply at all. Pain is usually a bad sign, not a good one. The best removal technique is slowly washing off the baking soda mask with adequate, warm, clean water and continuing till all the mask has been removed. It is also good to note that at the end of the facial mask treatment, the skin is usually rather dry. It is recommended that just like in the beginning, you moisturize it with a warm towel and possibly a moisturizer that does not contain oil as this will negate all the work previously done. For people with regular skin, the treatment can be done at most twice a week. If you skin is sensitive, have the procedure once a week or not at all in case you find it unbearable.

baking soda guide for acne

Pros, Cons and Side Effects and Advantages Baking Soda for Acne Treatment

Skin care

The greatest advantage that the baking soda on face treatment offers is skin care. In this method of acne removal, the skin is dried by the baking soda on face. This is quite beneficial as it ensures all the accumulated excessive oil is removed. The baking soda also helps in eliminating bacteria with its mild antiseptic properties. Application of baking soda on face is also known to successfully reduce and even eliminate blackheads as it rids the areas it comes in contact with of the bacteria that cause this skin anomaly.

Skin smoothening

The baking soda face mask is a complete package deal as it not only removes the acne, but also eliminates the spots that form after the fact. It thus proves quite helpful in smoothening rough skin and eliminating the irregularities on the face that were caused by the acne or left behind as the acne was eliminated.

Acne treatment metodPainless

This method of acne removal causes no physical pain to the participants under normal condition. In most cases, other than the slight tickling feeling that the face mask causes on the face, it is quite difficult to tell if the face is taking any form of treatment. In this way, the participants get no irritation or physical disturbance during the procedure.


The baking soda face mask is made from locally available materials that can be easily gotten from local stores and outlets at a cheap price. This is a relatively cheap method as preparation also takes place at home and uses no complex technology but simple kitchen equipment.

No side effects

The baking soda on face treatment leaves no side effects on the faces of those that choose to use it. Unlike other extreme methods of acne removal, this special treatment has no side effects and is quite safe.

Baking soda for face acne


Unlike other methods of acne removal that may need to damage your face before they cure your acne, the baking soda on face method does no such thing. It also does not require you to go into a recovery period. This means that the treatment does not in any way affect your schedule making it the most convenient.


This is by far the easiest method of acne removal around. It can be done by anyone as the process requires no level of expertise but just common sense and keenness. This means that all you need are the ingredients, equipment and your limbs.

Using baking soda for acne


The method has been proven to eliminate all types of acne and acne related skin blemishes making it quite an effective treatment. Its reliability is quite high and this is simply owing to the fact that it produces results.

Time Efficient

The whole procedure takes up very little time. It is also possible to go about some daily duties while the treatment takes effect making this method extremely time efficient and less demanding compared to the rest of its counterparts.



Though a painless method, baking soda for acne is sometimes known to be the cause of pain and discomfort. Mainly in cases where the skin is exposed. Open cuts on the face can result in experiencing extreme discomfort when using baking soda on the face.

Painless method

pH Imbalance

As baking soda is both acidic and basic in nature, it tends to alter the pH of the items it come in contact with. This amphoteric nature is why it is not recommended as a regular method of beauty treatment. Prolonged use of baking soda on face is known to upset the osmotic balance of the skin, leading to the development of other even greater complications or growth of more acne.

Poor mixing leads to useless or potent solution

Putting too much water or too little baking soda can result in a solution that is too dilute to actually aid in the removal of acne or any other skin bacteria. Using too much baking soda in the creation of the mask can also be quite disadvantageous as it may turn out to be acidic or basic on the skin. This means it could either have a caustic or abrasive effect and damage the skin more than aid in fixing it. Moderation is thus required and the instructions need to be followed precisely.

Baking soda compliance instructions


The baking soda for acne is not a viable option for sensitive skin. Even though the drying property of baking soda is one of its best advantages, it is usually a disadvantage for people with highly sensitive skin. This drying can be the result of redness. The sensitive skin is thus slightly damaged by this treatment and more often than not ends up as red and puffy or with its shade altered in one way or another.


The baking soda for acne treatment comes with a degree of risk as the baking soda solution could turn caustic and hazardous when exposed to the eyes or even the nostrils. As such, caution is advised to prevent accidental damage to the users.

Baking soda and water for acne

Side Effects

The use of the baking soda for acne treatment has relatively no side effects when used correctly and on ordinary skin. However, in the cases of sensitive skin or overuse, the following conditions can be expected.

  • Irritation and itching
  • Redness of the skin
  • Dehydrated and cracked skin
  • Bacteria growth due to pH imbalance in the face
  • Development of more pimples in extreme cases

Baking soda should NEVER be applied on areas of the skin that are exposed due to cuts, burns or bruises. It can cause some extensive damage on them. The baking soda for acne treatment is thus recommended for use at a time when the skin on the face is not broken and exposed. It is also good to ensure that the baking soda being used has not surpassed its expiration date.

Side effects of use baking soda

Parting Shot

The bottom line is that the use of baking soda for acne as your skin care opting is a guaranteed way to ensure that you have even skin that is always clear and fresh looking. Your skin will always lose its dead cells, and light scaring can be easily corrected with the baking soda on face method. So don’t fall prey to acne and spend the rest of your life as a caterpillar of your actual self. Take the painless easy way to beauty that is the baking soda for acne removal. Then live life proud of your face, showing people the butterfly that you really are. With the baking soda for acne method, you are guaranteed excellent skin in a matter of a few easy to do steps.

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